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Heavenly Veggies



Topics discussed:

·   Hypertension

·   Heart/coronary artery disease

·   Atherosclerosis

·   Endothelial injury / Stroke

·   Cholesterol

·   Metabolic syndrome

·   Inflammation

·   Pain/arthritis

·   Gout/uric acid

·   Smoking

·   Overcoming addictions


·   Diabetes/insulin resistance

·   Weight/Obesity

·   Digestion/detox

·   Gastritis/acid reflux

·   Energy/antioxidants

·   Cellular stress

·   Fatigue/burn-out

·   Adrenal fatigue

·   Anxiety/depression

·   Sleep/snoring

·   Hormonal /sexual dysfunction

·   Hope, trust, joy, faith, happiness


Let’s help Guam win ..



·        improve blood pressure

·        trim weight healthily

·        win & reverse diabetes

·        improve cholesterol

·        decrease need of medications

·        have better energy

·        increase performance

·        look better, feel younger

·        enjoy life fuller longer



FREE Medical & Lifestyle Lectures



“Practical natural methods for success”


2-Month Sessions (4 Sundays/month, 2-3PM)

January through October 2013


Labs Discussed/Recommended:  (Bring your lab reports) 

CBC, Chem-20, fasting lipids, HbA1C, fasting insulin,

homocysteine, hs-CRP, TSH, free-T3, free-T4, vitamin-D3,

uric acid, urine-microalbumin, urinalysis


Recommended Specialized Tests: Metametrix ION-40



“Now people have within reach powerful affordable solutions in reversing chronic debilitating lifestyle diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease and arthritis, and may effectively decrease risk of organ failure through healing foods.”


“Today the science of nutrigenomics shows that foods powerfully modulate gene expression – that the right foods turn on the right genes and turn off the wrong genes and powerfully reverse disease process and improve health.  As early as 2-4 weeks, people can turn off inflammation and see tremendous improvement in cellular dysfunction, pain, blood pressure and chronic diseases through the use of natural plant whole foodsthe healing foods.  These are very close to Guam’s original ancestral local garden foods.” 


“Let’s together help Guam win health through these powerful simple solutions. 

We want to welcome you back to a healthy, vibrant YOU!”


“Let’s triumph together on this exciting journey back to health

via the Garden of Eden – Biba Guam!



Edwin J. Supit, M.D.

Internal Medicine / Wellness

FHP Healthcare Center